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"Shea paints such a vivid picture that it’s hard not to recoil at what humans are capable of inflicting onto other humans."
The Bookwheel
". . .various strands of the plot come together in a gripping climax, raising compelling questions about moral responsibility in a 21st-century world . . ."
Publisher's Weekly
"The Unfinished Child gave me a lot to think about, which is another way to say I loved it."
Maple Books
"Gripping. Heart-wrenching. Thought-provoking. Riveting. Haunting. Unputdownable."
Turn the Page


Review: The Unfinished Child

Angelique (Maple Books) There’s nothing as terrifying as being told your newborn “will be sick a good deal and require special medical and nursing care, which cannot be given at
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The Unfinished Child: review by The Bookwheel

In 1947, a young woman named Margaret gave birth to a mongoloid and had her institutionalized. Fast forward to present day and Marie, age, 39, finds out she’s pregnant and
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Publisher’s Weekly Review: The Unfinished Child

The birth and death of Carolyn Harrington, a girl with Down syndrome, are at the heart of this complex and sensitive debut novel set in Edmonton, Alberta. The medical establishment
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CBC Radio Interview with Theresa

On World Down Syndrome Day Portia Clark speaks with Edmonton author Theresa Shea. Her book, The Unfinished Child tells the story of three women faced with difficult moral choices around
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Author Interview with Theresa Shea

Bookbundlz 1. If you could have coffee with any 3 authors, living or dead, who would they be?That’s a hard question, and I think my answer would change daily. However,
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Part Two: The Unfinished Child Interview

Amy Julia BeckerChristian Times As the parent of typically-developing children, what prompted you to write the book? Do you see any parallels between your experience as a mother and the
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